Helsinki based Tommi Viitala (born in 1975) has started active street photography over four years ago. However, the camera is not a new device for him because he has been filming more and less actively throughout his life, starting with film cameras from the 90s. Since the camera is almost always with Tommi, he also goes around the world filming streets, most recently in Budapest, Hungary.
In street photography, Tommi's signature style includes precise composition, sharp contrasts, moody atmosphere and symmetry. Of these, the contrasts are the most what Tommi chases every day on the streets. The sunnier the day, the more Tommi looks for shadows. Street photography has also taught Tommi to look at the city in a different way, to look for exceptions and small glitches to pick up small beautiful details from those moments. Tommi's photos has been published also various street photography magazines and exhibitions all over the world. 
The past 20 years in the creative field have also brought their own spice to Tommi's shooting style. To keep himself in creative shape, Tommi also shoots portraits and produces video material at work, almost in weekly basis.
Tommi has given many presentations about street photography at many different events under the title "Random Encounters from the streets". That title perhaps best sums up the reason why Tommi enjoys street photography — you never know what the street will capture on camera. 
What attracts Tommi about street photography is that even if like ten different photographers take a picture of the same fleeting moment, each picture is different, i.e. the look of its taker. In addition, the different styles of street photography, such as juxtaposition, geometry and the play of light and shadows inspire Tommi to the streets again and again.
“They say street photography is the easiest and most difficult way to take photographs. It's easy to start but takes a lifetime to master.”

Upcoming Exhibitions 

People From The Shadows Solo Exhibition — 3.6.-15.7.2024 
at Espacio Mados De La Arté, Madrid, Spain.
Treviso Photographic Festival — 5.-24.9.2024 
at Treviso, Italy.

Past Exhibitions
The Art of Street Photography Online Exhibition 1.5.-1.6.2024
at The Chateau Gallery, Old Louisville, USA.
Imagenation Paris 2024 — 24.-26.5.2024 
at Galerie Joseph le Palais, Paris, France.
Solo Exhibition: Galleria IPIOMA — 1.-27.4.2024 
at IPI Kulmakuppila, Helsinki, Finland.
Photographic Visions – Winter 2024, 8.2.- 2.3.2024
at PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
Paris International Street Photo Awards — 28.2.2024 -5.3.2024 
at Xposure 2024, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
Sticky & Fresh Event series in Argentina and El Salvador Jan/Feb 2024
at Galería Fülle, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Dark Side — 9.-14.2.2024 
at Boomer Gallery, London, UK.
Tehran Street Photography Festival, December 2023
at Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran.
“Light and Shadow – Barcelona" Exhibition 11.-17.12.2023
at Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
"Luces y Sombras" (Lights And Shadow) Exhibition 18.-31.8.2023 at Fülle Galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
"Helsinki Through My Eyes" Street Photography Exhibition 2.-8.3.2020 at Oodi Library, Helsinki. 


ACUMEN Magazine 45/2024: "Tommi Viitala, Saisir la Mélancolie Finlandaise". Magazine and webversion.
Composer Christian Wilckens "Music Without a Permanent Recidence" -album cover.
Get Inspired Magazine issue 61/2024: Download whole magazine here
People who lives in darkness — happiest people in the world - a Blog post by Tommi Viitala to the Cowboys  From Space media 2023.
Get Inspired Magazine 2023: Download whole magazine here
Media Covarage
Two honorable mentions, Raindrops in Urban Abstract / Concept and  The Plate in Contrasted (Deep Dark Shadows) - Pispa 2023 - Paris International Street Photo Awards.

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